Care Instructions

All pieces are made with stoneware clays, finished with carefully crafted glazes and fired twice to over 1000°C.  The entire process for each piece takes over 3 weeks to complete, and involves a great level of care as well as attention to detail. 

All pieces are oven and microwave safe.  We recommend hand washing your piece to ensure it looks its best. 

Bisuketto Studio ceramics are made to be used and to bring joy to your daily rituals.  Form and tactility are strongly considered.  The pieces are finished in matte glazes and sanded down where clay is exposed for a velvety finish.  Matte glazes have a tendency to slowly stain and mark with time.  If you notice this, please give your piece a gentle scrub in warm water and a mixture of baking soda paste.  It is the intention of the artist for the piece to age with use and time, showing signs of a well loved life.